Soha is one of the biggest & oldest factories having been established in Egypt to produce the aluminum cooking ware.
Soha has started producing the cooking ware since 1979.
Soha is well known by its unique, high quality products which made of pure material (purity 99.7 %)
Soha products are manifold to meet all the needs of All customers with incompatible price.
All the material & products are yielded for inspection from the health authority
All products are also yielded from the Egyptian organization for standardization & quality (Eos).
Soha products win the trust of all the customers every where.

*as a results of many years of exporting our products is become widely KNOWN IN A LOT OF ARBIAN , AFRICAN AND EUROPEAN COUNTRIES - WE EXPORT TO :

Soha contributes with a wide sector of the domestic market demand.
Soha provides about 50 % of its production to the domestic market
through the biggest stores for house hold in Egypt. More than 50%
of Soha products are being exported to several countries world wide

This is the distribution of the amount being exported.

Because of the extra demand on Soha products, annually Soha increase its production to supply all the world demand.